Led Marqee with JavaScript

Sometimes you have spare time on your job. It’s very cool especially when there are only few days before the New Year left. These days are usually not loaded with job at all what is opposite to mid December, time with a peak activity. Code something personal is almost always much more interesting than code somebody’s task. Probably this is just because of when you code something for yourself you pick out something what is really very interesting for you to code.

One day I was wondering how led marquee is working in the subway car, that is how its messages are encoded and then animating on the screen.

I tried to google for it and got the idea, but then I started to google it for JavaScript examples. I took one algorithm as a core (I’m so sorry I didn’t succeeded to find its URL now, hope I’ll add it sometime) and then tried to code something more stylish and functional based on it.

A year has passed since that time, my code structure probably would be a bit more clear if I start it now, but anyhow the page seems quite nice to me and I would like to share it.

I think you can get everything from the page, because it’s so simple.

Of course I would like to change the pixel state not immediately. But if I try to use animation for changing pixels’ opacity, the page become very slow. Probably Flash would work just fine here or maybe HTML5 canvas would solve this problem great also.

After the job was finished by December 31, I went to my friend to celebrate the New Year. It was great. I enjoyed the company and atmosphere, and right the next day I sent the link with “Happy New Year, %username%!” to close friends of mine.

That is funny, but sometimes you’re in a rush even when coding something completely yours

See the page, download a zip, GitHub.

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